Welcome to the Home of Linux

Welcome to the Home of Linux, the private web site of Martin Baulig.

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News from the Home of Linux

  • 08 June 2000 –  The gnome-common Module:Added a page on how to use the gnome-common module instead of the macros/ directory.See /gnome/gnome-common/index.html for details.
  • 27 April 2000 –  German GNOME Homepage:There is a new german GNOME homepage which is currently maintained by Martin Baulig. It is primarily intended for german GNOME people and it’ll for instance provide information about GNOME shows and events in Germany.German GNOME Homepage …

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German GNOME Homepage

This is the first official German GNOME Homepage – it is especially useful for german GNOME people.

Home of Linux FTP Server

You can access my FTP server both via FTP and HTTP:

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LibGTop Documentation

The following documents are available: