Here Comes Adobe’s Flash Fibs Again…

James Ward, a Flex evangelist, repeats the tiruddy fib that "Flash runs on Linux" in How I Overcame My Fear of Flash.

James, if we're ever in the same area, let me hand you the notebook sitting right here. It runs Linux. I'd love to see you get Adobe's Flash plugin running on it. Did I mention it runs Linux?

No fair backing out when you realize it has a PPC chip inside. Flash should just work, right, because Flash runs on Linux?

I don't really care if any company decides not to port proprietary software to one particular architecture or another. Yet if you deliberately do not support a platform, please be clear about it.

Flash for Linux runs only on x86 and 64-bit x86 CPUs. That's fine. That's Adobe's choice.

Why is that so difficult for Adobe and Flash supporters to say?

Original post by chromatic

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