German GNOME Homepage

This is the first official German GNOME Homepage which is currently maintained by Martin Baulig. It is primarily intended for german GNOME people and it'll for instance provide information about GNOME shows and events in Germany.

This site is now reachable under as well.
Official german GNOME mirror site
We now have an official german GNOME mirror site:
It is hosted at the Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung (GWDG) in Göttingen which has a very good connectivity to most german universities, but also to the rest of Germany (this mirror can also be reached under the name soon).
GNOME events in Germany this summer
You can find a detailed list of events here:

GNOME events in Germany this summer
Summary of events:

Jun 29 - Jul 2StuttgartLinuxTag
May 18FrankfurtLinux@Work Frankfurt
May 13-14Braunschweig2. Braunschweiger Linuxtage
April 9-12StuttgartMultiMedia Market Stuttgart

Other events:

Oct 10-14Atlanta / USAAtlanta Linux Showcase
October 14Oldenburg / GermanyOldenburger LinuxTag
September 20-22Erlangen / Germany7th International Linux Kongressttp://